2751 US Highway 27 S, Avon Park, Florida | Tel: (863) 452-5284

Interesting place. From the outside, it clearly stands out with the camo paint and beer signs. It looks like a tough biker gastro-pub. Worth a shot, right? Guys I travel with only say good things about it. I walk in on a Weds after work and it’s almost like bingo night. No disrespect to the elderly but a lot of them were also drawn in by word of mouth or the extreme camo. The tavern has the typical country-redneck movie style atmosphere. Wall hangings, animals, lights, darts,games, bar, TVs. Comfortable setting for the name Wild Turkey Tavern. I’m enjoying my beer, waiting on my Gator tail (which you have to try, especially dipped in the tables complimentary house sauce which gives it its gator bite). I then hear a boom! Shakes the heart. Kendrick Lamar comes through the speakers, probably busting eardrums and shaking tables with the bass. I couldn’t help but laugh. Continuous bass hitting rap music the whole evening. All in all this place was great and extremely unique. Who knew, you travel to Florida and eat local to get some fresh food, you walk into a tavern full of old people listening to rap in a really country setting.

I’ll be coming back for more gator.