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Wild Turkey Tavern Menu


Munchies and more Munchies!!

Loaded Chips

Our thinly sliced chips, loaded up with cheese, bacon, jalapeños & side of sour cream


Whole potatoes sliced then deep-fried and seasoned with “Monkey Dust”

Cheese Curds

This is another cheese appetizer choose either cheddar or jalapeños Packer fan’s swear
by ’em and eat ’em too

Onion Rings

Rings of onions, battered and fried to perfection

Taters N’ Onions

Bet you can figure this out all by yourself, but just in case, we add fresh onions to the suds

Fried Pickles

When in the south you pickle and then you fry


If you are a flower child, you may recall these from your college days (They’re called flashbacks) Then again you may not. Ours are fresh and legal

Mozzarella Sticks

We know everyone else has them but ours are homemade

Fried Okra

Once again we have a thing for our fried veggies in the South

Homemade Chips

Thinly sliced potato chips, we fry and season ’em with “Monkey Dust”

Bacon Mozzarella

Our homemade cheese sticks kicked up with a blanket of bacon “Oh Yeah!”

Green Tomatoes

Freshly sliced and lightly breaded these will change your life

Sweet Potato Fries

1yam what 1 yam, fried and sweet!

Jalapeño Poppers

Do you ever wonder how they get that stuff into those jalapeños?? Me too! Ours are stuffed with cheddar cheese

Pork Cracklin’s

Yummy pieces of fried pork skin truly a “Cracker” thing – Pork Skins Rules!

A little more to munch on

Hot Wings

Not at all like those dinky little things that you get in those places where the girls’ things are not dinky. Whole jumbo wings grilled then fried to perfection. Served dipped in our hot sauce

Fried Shrimp

Yes we are 100 miles from the coast but we have friends, and this is Florida

BBQ Shrimp

BBQ shrimp and you guessed it on a skewer

Fried Oysters

Okay these are from the ocean, not to be confused with their cousins the “Mountain Oyster”

Fish Fingers

Fried up golden and crispy, you can’t go wrong

Chicken Fingers

We ain’t the Colonel, but they’ll hit the spot


One of our signature dishes! Don’t care where you’ve had it before you will Never Ever, get a piece of tail this tender and tasty

Frog Legs

Lightly breaded and fried, they say they taste like chicken!! Will let you decide

basket cases

All baskets are served with a side of homemade chips. Most of our grilled meals are slathered with BBQ & Worcestershire Sauce during cooking. If you would prefer No Sauce (Why?) Please tell us BEFORE We cook it!!

Cheese, BACON, grilled onions and onion wanglers can be added to most anything or a small fee.

Coleslaw can be added to any basked | -Substitute fries | -Sweet fries


Keeping with the tradition started over 35 years ago these burgers are the best!!

Turkey Burger

No it’s not ground turkey!! It’s a sliced of smoked turkey on top of your all beef burger

Salty Cracker Po’Boy

Fried up golden brown then piled on a sub roll topped with remoulade sauce!! Do we need to say more!
Shrimp Po’Boy and Oyster Po’Boy available

Steak Sub

There’s no Turkey on this steak sub, with grilled onions!!

Pork Loin Sub

A big guys sammish, served deep fried or grilled

Turkey Burger

No it’s not ground turkey!! It’s a sliced of smoked turkey on top of your all beef burger

Chicken Sub

Grilled or fried chicken breast

Classic Cracker Burger

Kickin’ Up the tradition with cheddar cheese BACON & pork cracklin’!

Cracker Trail Burger

One uppin’ this burger with pepper jack cheese, BACON, BBQ sauce & onion tanglers

Super Cracker Burger

Giddy up with double the meat, pepper jack cheese, BACON, fried green tomato & topped with a pork cracklin’

Buffalo Chicken

Fried chicken breast, with our hot sauce and blue cheese crumbles

Cracker Chicken

Grilled BBQ chicken breast topped with cheddar cheese & BACON

Fish Sandwich

Fried fish fillet, guaranteed to fill your bun


BACON, lettuce and tomato, like it should be done

Grilled Bologna

Our bologna has a first name its Y U M M Y

Hot Dog

A quarter pound dog and bun, need we say more

Beer Brat

A Sam Adams beer brat served on a bun
Sauerkraut Available

Fish Tacos

Fried fish, spicy or mild, lettuce, tomatoes

steaks & chops

All steaks will be served with taters, taters-n-onions, homemade chips or baked potatoes (when they are available and while they last!)

A house salad maybe substituted for a fee

Our steaks are cooked with BBQ & Worcestershire Sauce during cooking. If you would prefer NO SAUCE (Why?) Please tell us BEFORE we cook it!!

See board for market pricing

16 oz Ribeye

8 oz Filet

8 oz Baseball Sirloin

10 oz Sirloin

12 oz Pork Ribeye


House Salad

Not because we wanted to but because you asked

ADD for additional fee
Turkey | Grilled or Fried Chicken
Steak | Shrimp Skewer

BLT Wedge

A good wedge of lettuce topped with blue cheese crumbles, tomatoes & BACON

Consumer Advisory. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase
your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.